Account Management

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Dennis Haggerty offers a wealth of account management experience whether you are a:

  • membership organisation/club
  • small business
  • large commercial organisation

Dennis Haggerty managed the insurance accounts of:

  • UK blue chip companies
  • Leading charities
  • Trade Unions
  • Membership organisations
  • National Estate Agents
  • National Intermediaries and Regional Brokers

So if you are a small business or voluntary organisation facing an uphill task dealing with large business or regulators, speak to someone who has ‘been there and done that’…

Account management


‘Managing multiple relationships with key managers and executives is critical to effective account management’

Dennis Haggerty

 Large client companies and corporate partners

Each has specific requirements that have to be balanced with the insurers need for profitability and low cost service provision.

This involves:

  • Building critical relationships at all levels throughout each organisation – Dennis Haggerty uses Miller Heiman strategic selling as a framework for managing commerial relationships
  • Analysis of the drivers behind client accounts and their underlying strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategy and progress toward plans
  • Operational financial planning, goal setting and progress analysis
  • Moving under performing accounts into profit
  • Migration of legacy business to efficient cost saving IT platforms
  • Sharing mutual goals for maximising business to business and business to customer sales
  • Staying close to the organisation and dealing with matters before they become issues
  • Decisions backed by comprehensive management information
  • Tender production and presentation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Delivering profit share

If you need to manage an existing commercial partner or require support to produce a winning tender Dennis Haggerty can help you to achieve your goals. The ability to analyse and turn around loss making accounts a specialty.

Case Study

To save costs many insurers have disposed of ‘inconvenient’ books of business and compromised relationships with business partners and intermediaries. However a different approach can save both the relationship and revenue. Dennis Haggerty saved a £1.5 million account at zero cost to the business and returned a loss making book to profit within 6 months. click the button below to read the case study.