Why and how I am helping people to enjoy sailing

It’s time to give back. Following a career in financial services I am offering my skills and experience to others who are really in need. Many voluntary and not-for-profit organisations are now very short of people well versed in marketing,

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Build Your Membership – just 4 steps to successfully market your club

You have tried the usual membership drives for your club; open days; refer a friend; new members welcome sign and a bit of local PR, typically supporting local events. But nothing much has happened in terms of increased numbers. Familiar

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Marketing Clubs and Associations

Why are so many clubs struggling to keep going? Organisations of all types find themselves under pressure from time to time to gain more members. Changing demographics and the rising retirement age, combined with a decrease in leisure time available

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Customer Experience Catastrophe

If you reach out to your customers, clients or members and ask them for something, perhaps to undertake a genuinely useful survey: Always do it right. Always test what it looks and feels like from the customer’s perspective. Always respond

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Protection Insurance Facing Huge Challenges

I attended the Protect Association Meeting on 20 March and as an active member found the breath of the presentations extremely useful. The detail covered in the legal and regulatory briefing was particularly valuable. The number of changes driven by

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Consultants, A Shocking Waste Of Money

Access to pension pots time to celebrate

Do you have doubts about the value a consultant can add to your business? Consultants may have the expertise and experience to plug a skills gaps in your organisation, but do they really just mine your firm for fees and

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Client Advocacy Service – update

Dennis Haggerty Consulting Client Advocacy

There are not that many businesses offering a Client Advocacy Service. It is a relatively new concept in terms of financial services and insurance in particular. Being on page one of Google when searching for “Client Advocacy Service” reinforces just

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Miss-buying – the perfect storm created in 2015

Perfect storm? Some interesting research has been conducted regarding the effect of the implementation of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR), now combine this with 2015 pension reforms. I have pulled together different surveys and drawn upon the published opinions of experts

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Is Your Business Benefiting From The UK’s Mini-Boom?

The economy is experiencing a pre-election mini boom. And thanks to a largely artificial over-supply of oil, consumers are experiencing the benefit of having more money in their pocket. This is likely to be sustained until at least this Autumn,

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Protect Association Presentation January 2015

You can download a copy of the presentation I gave to the Protect Association with Andrew Areoff on 16 January 2015. Download the PDF of the presentation from the following link. It covers both the new website implementation and a

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