Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance expertise

Commercial Insurance – direct and business to business

Dennis Haggerty offers extensive commercial insurance marketing and claims management experience. Insurance companies and intermediaries can benefit from exceptional support and business insight to achieve their plans for claims operations.

Claims services frequently go unrecognised in terms of their power to define the public perception of a company and the value of its brand.┬áDennis Haggerty can offer far more than just process improvement. Claims can be moved from being the ‘Cinderella department’ ┬áto become a power house for promoting a company, its products and services. Because insurance is now heavily regulated, claims handling is one of the few areas left for an insurance brand to differentiate its offering.

Dennis Haggerty can demonstrate how building an understanding between commercial claims handling teams and UK brokers can deliver exceptional value to a business. This is far more important than just meeting service standards, target expense ratios and reducing claims leakage. Professional staff with front line decision making authority can transform a business to business proposition and act as a magnet for new commercial business as well as deliver good results for the underwriter.

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