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Dennis Haggerty can offer you the benefit of significant experience managing and editing websites. This includes the production of original content as well as editing the submissions of professional writers for both compliance and search engine optimisation.

The ‘tone of voice’ used within your website should resonate with your target customers and applied consistently across your web properties. Ensure your Facebook, Google+ Twitter and Linkedin complement, rather than conflict, with one another. Delivering good quality content will encourage visitors to share and build the visibility of your company and brand.

For financial services websites, it’s also vital to understand the impact and requirements of regulation.

Therefore, if you use professional writers, who are not necessarily insurance trained (that’s virtually all of them), it’s essential to ensure the information published is compliant.

Dennis Haggerty can deliver a compliant website that offers value to customers and will build your online presence to generate more business. Experience as the website editor for GrownUpMoney demonstrated a website build for an organisation seeking FCA approval.

Dennis Haggerty website editor Grown Up Money

In addition to insurance and financial content GrownUpMoney included content regarding car insurance and soon to be published Cars For The Over 50’s, here’s an extract:

‘If you’re buying a new car for your retirement, you’ll find there are certain car manufactures that enjoy a strong following among the over 50s. Smaller economical cars offering reliability and a good warranty are sought out as they are the most likely vehicles to offer trouble free low cost motoring, perfect for drivers on a pension. The rising cost of car insurance after age 60 becomes a greater concern. This is another strong incentive to buy an economical car with a lower insurance group. See the GrownUpMoney Guide to over 50’s Car Insurance.’

You will see how a typical guide to selecting a new car is interwoven with further  relevant information. This in turn offer advertisements for goes motor insurance comparison websites and associated products.

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