Business Coach

Dennis Haggerty business servicesDennis Haggerty offers tailored solutions for businesses and membership organisations using a combination of:


Support from strategic planning to implementation. Coaching business owners and their teams to develop effective marketing. An addition resource to assist your team during periods of exceptional workload.

New Website:

Understand the project management required to deliver an effective website on time is prodigious. You may not want this done for you and you simply may need an experienced person to advise  your team to ensure costs are kept under control.

Website Content Management:

Align your existing website with your core customers to maximise engagement and sales. Hands-on assistance with website content creation and learn how to curate and edit content for best results.

Market Analysis:

Your products, price and promotions bench-marked against your principle competitors. Find out how to create an report enabling you to make informed choices how to invest for your future revenue and growth.

New Product Design:

I will offer you a short cut to building upon research and embedding the needs of your target market into the heart of your product. I can help you to ensure this product is both attractive to buyers and offered through a process that makes your organisation easy to do business with. For insurance related companies I will help you to achieve this within strict regulatory requirements.

Business Retention:

Defining and delivering a business retention strategy to improve your profitability. Learn how to undertake this in a cost effective way, this can also enable cross and up selling as well as enhance your brand. our strategy can include social media which in turn will feed back into enhancing your new business sales. A virtuous circle is within the capability of virtually any company with the appropriate guidance.

Process Improvement:

This has the widest application from how your website works, the customer journey, through to automating or outsourcing existing processes. Insurance related clients can also embrace Claims services and reduce leakage. I can explain how to use customer feedback effectively and define quality circles.

Culture Change and Compliance:

This is becoming an area of increasing prominence as insurance businesses get to grips with the FCA regulatory regime. Compliance has changed from being a tick box exercise into a culture that must be embedded across a whole business, its managers and staff. By working independently or in close co-ordination with your HR staff and managers the following are key deliverables your business should embrace.

  • Benchmark your current position – staff interviews, ‘mystery shopping’, rigour of your compliance regime.
  • A compliance map – identifying ‘compliance pinch points’, strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement.
  • Define a robust compliance framework for each of your products that satisfies FCA requirements.

Ultimately to ensure your business is not exposed to the combined financial and brand risk of being reprimanded or fined by the regulator.

Flexible working:

Dennis Haggerty delivers coaching expertise to support business owners and the key personnel in their organisations. In addition ‘done for you’ Business Services are offered should you wish to move beyond coaching. These can offer a cost-effective solution to your temporary needs including working as a stop gap during a period you are seeking to recruit a permanent position. Perhaps you simply need extra cover during peak periods, for special projects, contract negotiations and short-term engagements.

Through having a wide range of expertise such as product development, business development. marketing and compliance, Dennis Haggerty can quickly step in to address critical business situations. This includes temporary account management services, offering a safe pair of hands to retain business and keep competitors at arms length.

Finally, if you are looking for support to close down a business unit and then oversee a long tail run-off /closed accounts, Dennis Haggerty can coach you on the best way to manage issues arising out of the run off.

Terms of Business

All contracts are considered individually and terms agreed, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on the basis of a retainer to meet your requirements. Any travelling or essential expenses including reasonable overnight costs where appropriate, are changed in addition to the agreed rate.